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As one of the Eastrands smaller businesses in, we aim to provide quality office and school solutions to businesses and homes alike at the lowest prices GUARANTEED. We opened our doors on the xxx, paving the way for future growth and expansion.

With stock at hand we can offer more efficient supply to our customers.

We are a family business, owned and operated since inception. We have a vast amount of expertise in all aspects of the office supplies and school industry. We aim to please each customer, as our warm smiles and friendly attitudes are the basis for our outstanding customer service.

We endeavor to cater for all your office and school needs, by providing a wide range of products and services including: general office supplies, school stationary and text books.


With the right tools, resources and inspiration

Faller Trading makes it so that in everything we do, the support we provide can help and your business.  We are driven to support you by delivering what you need on your journey to become the best version of yourself.

ALL your office and school needs in the one place!

Faller Trading can provide all our customers with solutions across a broad spectrum of products and services. With our large product range, we can service various parts of your business Upon request, we are able to come to you and provide you with a personalised, professional solution catering to your specific office needs.

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